Friday, September 19, 2014

We Are Writers and Bloggers!

We are working on writing small moment stories, telling a true story bit by bit, moment by moment. You can help at home when your child is telling you about something that happened. You can ask him/her to tell you their story in very small detail, bit by bit, moment by moment, so you can picture it like a movie. It’s often helpful for a child to rehearse telling a story, listing what happened across their fingers. This helps them remember to tell it in order.

Did your child tell you about blogging this week?  Earlier in the week we read an article together on whether or not plastic bags should be banned. CA has a bill up to ban them. The article gave factual information on both sides of the argument. After reading the article together I asked the children to think about how they felt about banning plastic bags. Then I posed the question to them our class KidBlog. They had to write their thoughts, and support their opinion with at least one fact from the article. This is actually a baby step towards the opinion writing they’ll be doing later in the school year.  I’ve told the kids that the world is their audience for their blog writing, and what better way to prove that then to have parents, siblings, and even grandparents and other families members drop by the blog and leave a comment sharing their opinion! Our class KidBlog is here: Share the link with other family members and join us!

So yes, this means there are actually two blogs. This is my teacher blog that gives updates on what’s going on in the classroom, and everything in our newsletter is posted here. Sometimes I’ll put it up on the SmartBoard and the class will dictate an entry for it. Once I have all the photo permissions, pics and videos will be posted here, too. Then there’s the KidBlog. That’s here: KidBlog blog is based on student academics, such as the opinion writing they just did on banning plastic bags. My plan is that eventually the kids will have their own blogs to summarize articles, write opinion pieces based on what they read, and explain some of what they are learning in school.

Today your child is bringing home their first weekly progress report. This is intended to keep you informed of your child’s academic and social/behavioral progress during the week. Please sign it and have your child put it in their Jungle Book to turn in to me on Monday. 

Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. I also check email frequently. Together we are partners in your child’s education!

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