Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The First Day of School - A Blog Entry Written by the Kids of Room 73

Today was the first day of third grade. We didn't have to do any work!

This morning we went to a town meeting in the gym. There we met adults and kids who are new to Toffolon.  We watched a video that reminded us about the rules in the cafeteria, like no running. We watched another video the teachers made to welcome us back to school. They wanted us to come to school because it was too empty and lonely without the kids. All of the teachers even came out of one car in the video. They also played on the playground, and some went down the slide. Mrs. Carnevale was on the swings!

This afternoon we went on a treasure hunt in our classroom. It was to help us get to know where things are in our classroom. We also read a book called The Goodness Gorillas. It's about people being nice to each other, and doing random acts of kindness. We also practiced for fire drills and code red drills.

It was an amazing, awesome day!

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  1. No work on the first day of school???? You guys are sooooooo lucky!
    Wasn't that video of the teachers great? What awesome teachers you have. They are glad that each of you are back. I have to tell you, your teachers do miss you over the summer. While they are having fun with their own families, they are thinking about you and what you were doing to have fun.
    My favorite part of the video was when all of the teachers emerged from the van. I wonder....how did they get all of the teachers to fit in there? They must have been squeezed in very tightly;)
    Would you mind if I borrowed your Goodness Gorillas book? I think it is extremely important to treat others kindly and I would love to share that book with other children across Plainville.
    It sounds like your school year is off to a wonderful start. I look forward to reading your future blog posts and stopping by for a visit. But until then, remember to work hard and be nice!
    Mrs. Graham-Douglas