Tuesday, September 9, 2014

An Update From the Awesome Kids of Room 73

Math rotations have started! After our math video and lesson from Mrs. Carnevale we do three rotations during the rest of math time. One is XtraMath to practice our math facts, one is a center game (today was CandyLand Subtraction), and the third is working on the rug with Mrs. Carnevale to do the independent practice work. Sami thinks it was good because we get to move to centers. Lola says,  "It was fun and different from second grade because in second we did games from a math book, and didn't do xtramath for centers." Ben C. says, "You can learn from math games." Chaz likes being able to be with his friends during math rotations.

We've started our reading mini-lessons and reading in our reading spots each day. Amelia says, "We can read on the rug." Gianna likes that we get to go read with pillows. Penley says, "I like it because we get to relax and read with a pillow or chair."  Michael adds that we're learning how to use the reading spot chart to know where our reading spot is each day.

Yesterday were the first kids in Toffolon to set up and use Google Classroom. We opened a Google Doc from Mrs. Carnevale and did our September goal setting on it.  Amelia says, "Goal setting is important because it gives you something to practice and get better at." Lola says, "It makes you try harder for what you set as a goal."

Another tech project we did was go to ABCya and create word clouds all about us. It helps us get to know people in our new class. That was fun, but it wasn't easy.  They came out awesome and are hanging above our lockers.

Third grade is a lot of fun!

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