Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekly Update

Have you heard the news about handwriting? We started cursive recently! You should be a fly on the wall to see how hard your child is working, and the level of intense concentration. You can see a copy of our Handwriting Without Tears program cursive alphabet on the back cover of your child’s Jungle Book. In some cases the letters are formed and/or connected rather differently from what we all learned in school. I’ve told the students that there are different ways to make and connect letters, and that I’ll show them both the way the book does it, and the way most adults learned to do it. I’ve also told them that they can do it either way. Once the children have learned all the letters I let them choose what, if anything, they want to write in cursive.

Next week we finish up our study of addition and subtraction as your child learns to do what is called, “three digit subtraction across zeros with regrouping.” What this means is learning how to do subtraction problems like 400-214. I’ll be teaching it through the use of base ten blocks on the computer, which allows the students to drag and drop the blocks to help them see the regrouping needed. If you have an iPad there’s a great free app called Number Pieces (by Math Learning Center) that your child might find helpful when doing their homework. If you have another type of device, you might want to search wherever you find apps to see if there’s a similar app. Also, your child can always rewatch the video that goes with lesson 3-9, or use the eTools in enVision, found in the student tools section of the enVision website when your child logs into it.

Thursday we are making slime in class! It’s a VERY messy activity. Your child is very likely to get it on their clothes. Please don’t send them to school in good clothes that day.

Friday is our field trip to Indian Rock. Your child must be at school on time that day, we leave at 9:00! Please keep an eye on the weather forecast, and dress your child for a day spent mostly outside in nature. Also, remember that lunches need to be in disposable bags, and clearly marked with your child’s first and last name. Drinks must also be disposable. No lunch boxes or other items that have to be carried back on the bus will be allowed.

Finally, here's what we'll be learning about next week:
Reader’s Workshop: Creating a book talk video or writing a book talk blog entry
Writer’s Workshop: Typing/publishing small moment stories
Spelling: Unit 8 - Words home on Monday, test on THURSDAY due to field trip
Math: Finish up addition and subtraction with regrouping
Science: Matter
Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. Together we are partners in your child’s education! 

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