Friday, October 3, 2014

From the Kids...

This week the kids take over the newsletter! You’ve heard a lot from me lately, so I thought it was time to let the kids do the talking, and tell you about things from their point of view. Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. Together we are partners in your child’s education!

Now... the kids:

Geno says, “We started T-Math. It’s a game where you have to race to do math questions.”!
Emily says, “We did a spelling pretest on Monday and test on Friday.”!
Brianna says, “We put our inventions on our blog.” (Mrs. Carnevale says she still has to approve and publish them.)!
Faith says, “We get ten extra minutes of Fun Friday today because we got two compliments at morning recess today.”!
Chaz says, “We watched a bike stunt rider who taught us to be kind and respectful.”!
Ben B. says, “We do xtra math every day. It helps us learn adding and subtracting.”!
Gianna says, “We had fun writing today.”!
Amelia says, “In reading we write down the teaching point and then we have to answer it when we read our book. Today we talked about how our thinking about characters can change.”!
Sami says, “If everyone stays on green for a week we get pajama day, popcorn, and a movie!” (Mrs. Carnevale says it’s a behavior incentive.)!
Lola says, “We started science this week.”!
Jonathan says, “The stunt bike rider jumped over Mr. Pitcher and Mr. Hayn!”!
Penley says, “We are learning how to read cursive when Mrs. Carnevale writes things on the board.”! Ben C., Thomas, Richie, Marissa, Sonia, Adriana, Michael, and Alan say, “Have a great weekend!”

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