Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up

Early in the week we did some goal setting. Your child was asked to come up with goals for reading, math, home, and personal/social. Then they picked three of them and wrote them on a banner that’s now hanging in the hallway outside of our class. Ask your child to talk with you about the goals they set, and why they thought those goals were important to them.

It’s that time of year when Lost and Found fills up quickly! If your child is missing anything, please make sure to remind them to look for their missing items. In order to make sure your child keeps all items that belong to him/her, please take some time to write their name in coats, backpacks, lunch bags, and anything else that comes to school. Not only will that help make sure your child gets his/her things back, but it will also make sure someone doesn’t accidentally take something that looks like theirs, but belongs to your child.

Third grade is the year that your child begins working on keyboarding! We do this through the use of a program called Typing Club. Your child can even do this at home! If he/she logs into the Chrome browser with their district Google account information, and then accesses the site, they can pick up where they left off at school by selecting the option to save their data. Once they login again in school, they won’t have to repeat the section they did at home. The key is to make sure they login with their district Google account. We’ve done this in school before, so your child should be comfortable doing it at home if they want to, and if you let them online at home.

Here's what we're learning about next week:

  • Science: Force and Motion/Simple Machines
  • Math: Division
  • Reading and Writing: Finish organizing notes by sub-topic/chapter. Determine if chapters have enough information, or need to be combined or need more research, begin writing chapters.

Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. I also check email frequently. Together we are partners in your child’s education!

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