Thursday, September 1, 2016


Welcome to a wonderful new school year! This blog is intended to keep you informed about the weekly activities in our classroom - it's the digital edition of our print newsletter. We are all very excited about this new school year, and all of the opportunities that it brings. This week and next, the children will focus on getting to know each other, our classroom, and new academic routines, and ease back into the swing of school. There are many fun activities planned!

One of the most important things I need parents to do daily, starting tonight, is to look through each section of your child’s Jungle Book. This is the all important home-school binder that will keep your child organized, contain their homework paper (when we have it), reading and math logs, behavior calendar, and communicate information between us.

I know how hard it can be to get back into school routines, so reading is the only homework your child will have right now. There’s no log yet, but students are asked to notice things about their reading. More specifics can be found in the homework folder of their Jungle Book.

Starting next week we’ll log our reading, and practice math facts. Some nights a math homework sheet might come home. Homework should never be a struggle for your child, either academically or emotionally. If you find that it is, let’s meet and talk about it, and together come up with strategies or modifications to help.

Get up to the minute pictures and news from our class Twitter account, @MrsCarnevale3rd. We’ll tweet out what we learned or did each day!

For every family member that follows us, your child gets 10 Tiger Tickets!

Remember, our district is now on Twitter: @PlvComSchools

Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. I also check email frequently. Together we are partners in your child’s education!

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