Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

How is it we only have about 35 days of school left this year? Yikes! There will be lots of special events and activities that take place over the next month and a half, but our learning continues. Homework still continues on, and it gets a little harder now for some children to manage their time when they have school events, sporting practices, and various other activities. Even though your child has been doing homework all year, they might need a little extra help from you now to budget their time between homework, events, and just being a kid and playing. 

We’re getting close to doing our end of year math fact tests. Students are expected to score at 80% or higher in order to be considered proficient in their facts. Some children are coming home today with specific facts they need to work on. Please ask your child what he/she needs to memorize.

Here's what we're learning about next week:
Reader’s Workshop: Comparing and contrasting characters across books
Writer’s Workshop: Persuasive Writing and assessment
Math: Area and perimeter review
Social Studies: Plainville

Please remember that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns. I also check email frequently. Together we are partners in your child’s education!

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