Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrating Reading with KidBlog

As we celebrate the end of our reading unit of study on fiction and characters, the children have been busy with two projects. First, they selected one of their favorite books, and wrote a book talk on it. Some children made a blog entry with it, others wanted to make a video. I filmed them and did a little editing. I’m working to upload the videos to their blogs. Second, the children went through their reading logs and picked out their 10 favorite books they’ve read, or I’ve read to them during our Interactive Read Aloud time. They created an “ideal bookshelf” of their favorites (just like you might have seen on Pinterest or Twitter). I took pictures of those and placed the pictures on their blogs. Their original papers are hanging in the hallway above their lockers.

Please take a minute and drop by your child’s blog and leave a comment. Feel free to encourage relatives and family friends near and far to do the same.  Kids LOVE comments!  :)

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